Confess your love to me [1/2]

Pairing: Sehun/Jongin
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~15,600 words
Warning(s): Alcohol usage, unprotected sex, Jongdae
Summary: The class trip was so not what Sehun signed up for.
Notes: This ended up being way longer I thought I was even capable of writing. I had big plans for this but I had no time to include those all since this was written for a fest and I was a loser and started to write this too late, so I wrote it in a rush... Definitely not the best I can do but I guess this is not horrible either lol. I will be writing a better version of this someday since I planned this to be very different but until then, here you go! Also special thanks for my beta for proofreading this mess. Originally written for maknaerulez (go check out the other fics there, they were amazing).

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